Oops! … I Did It Again

Haven’t updated this in a while. There are several reasons for that, most of them are ‘I am too ill/broke/emotionally drained/disgusted by Twitter/busy watching a bike race to care right now.’

Last time I worked on Bindersful (not too long ago), I began refactoring several parts of it, mainly events handling as it was a big ol’ mess. Undo/redo functionality is surprisingly fun and intriguing to implement; scrollbars can still go to hell. Hopefully this project won’t be too difficult to pick up from where I left off.

I’ve been forcing myself to draw. Initial results are slight, but promising.

But really, at the risk of writing an angst post, I’m pretty disgusted by many aspects of my current circumstances, so there’s a good chance there won’t be another post for a while cos I’m busy kicking doors down (literally, if the bathroom door locks itself on me for no reason again…)

Bindersful update

My game writing application isn’t much prettier, but can now add new lines, delete lines, edit lines and save these changes. In other words, the GUI is actually useful! *party whistles*

Progress has been slow (hence the increasingly terse text I hammer in while testing) because I’m still figuring out how to get the GUI working with the foundations I made earlier.

Also, scroll bars. For some reason, implementing a working scroll bar (that doesn’t throw the rest of the layout out, or Works then Stops Working for ill-defined reasons) is astonishingly difficult and unintuitive, no matter how many examples on Stack Overflow I stare at. It’s almost at the point where I might have to post a Stack Overflow question myself. Shudder. My housemate quipped that I make it sound like I’m actually making is a scroll bar generator; I think my response was something like ‘Yeah, an incredibly shitty scroll bar generator.’ The struggle continues….

Custard Uphill

This is a screenshot of Bindersful, the game text writing tool I’m developing. I’ve been solidly working on this iteration (which, after many false starts, I am relieved has stuck) for the past two weeks.

Doesn’t look like much, does it? I started coding this interface two nights ago. All the work before then was on the underlying data structures and command functions, which I tested with an even less impressive text-only interface.

As yet, I haven’t found any applications that work in a similar way to how I envision Bindersful, so I have no examples to look at when I’m figuring things out. I’ve been testing and reworking the program based on what I’ve gleamed from developing websites, personal experience, and hearing a lot of complaints as an IT technician.

Theoretically, I could have released an alpha version by now if I really busted my gut… an alpha version that spat errors like wood chips and lost users’ writing if, for instance, they tried undoing a line deletion after they had already saved the file. 😛

I’m sure there will be enough bugs to fix as it is without that nonsense, so I’m making Bindersful the long, pedantic way. Some days, it goes well. Other days, it’s like pushing custard uphill.

Bindersful will be released late June/early July. I predict more custard rolling into my eyes in my future, but the summit is getting closer.


People setting up their own blogs and never using them is a bit of a running gag. Truth be told, I’ve been distracted by yelling about Drupal and WordPress, which is a lot less fun than yelling about video games and the like…

I found my password, have some post drafts, and will be using this regularly in a little while. In the meantime, if you’re looking for any WordPress or Drupal dev work, the long answer is NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooope